Action Visas (UK) Ltd
Terms and Conditions of Trading.


Action Visas (UK) Ltd operates strictly within the conditions of trading as established in this document. No agent of Action Visas (UK) Ltd, staff member or contractor is authorised to change these conditions unless given in writing by a director of the company.

These terms and conditions govern all aspects of business carried out by Action Visas (UK) Ltd, and the receipt of any order or instruction is deemed as acceptance of these terms.

Action Visas reserve the right to utilise any means in order to complete orders of behalf of clients. This includes the use of subcontracted couriers, for which additional fees may be levied. Where applicable, and practical, prior notice of extra fees shall be given.

Any advice given by any staff of Action Visas (UK) Ltd is given in good faith on the understanding that it is based on the interpretation of any information provided the respective consulate, embassy or government office. This information is subject to change at any time, and Action Visas (UK) Ltd shall not accept any liability whatsoever for any errors or omissions in the information.

The procurement fee charged by Action Visas (UK) Ltd is a service

fee and is not subject to the application and/or order being completed on the part of the respective consulate, embassy or government office. The procurement fee is based upon the minimum required number of visits to any location to complete the requested order. Additional visits due to incorrect or incomplete applications, or at the customer’s request will incur additional charges. Any fees paid by Action Visas (UK) Ltd in respect of applications that are refused shall be the liability of the client.

Unless by prior agreement of the company, all fees shall become due on the return of any documents to our offices or agents and the standard terms of payment are within seven days of the date of the invoice.

Action Visas (UK) Ltd shall not be held liable for any of the following:
a. Any loss, damage or delay to any documents whilst in the possession of any consulate, embassy or government office.
b. The refusal of any consulate, embassy or government office to accept documents presented.
c. The issue of incorrect visas, dates and terms by any consulate, embassy or government office.
d. Any loss, damage or delay caused by subcontractors in the delivery of any documents.

Action Visas (UK) Ltd reserves the right to hold any travel documentation until all outstanding fees and invoices are paid in full.

Action Visas (UK) Ltd strongly recommends that, unless a specific requirement of the application, no tickets or travel plans be issued or confirmed prior to issue and receipt of the required documentation. Action Visas (UK) Ltd will not be held responsible for any costs associated with abortive travel arrangements